Malta Cross Key

39,00 €

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How to get my flat key:

-Find your key model and is reference in the photos below.

If you do not find choose "Not Listed" in this case choose "No" for the cuttting option.

If you choose "No", you'll get a blank customized to cut in a key minute shop.
If you choose "Yes", you must (at your charge) send us a key and will get two after 7 days after reception of your courrier. Your original and your customized cutting key.

-Not Listed:
If you click "Not Listed", you must send us (at your charge) one original or a functional copy of the key you want to customize you will receive after 15 working days after getting your courrier, a single key customized created from your original.

NB: For any order of blank key it is better to first send us a photo of your key and model of your bike, unless you'are shure of the model of the key.

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