Rebel Bag

The "Rebel Bag" is a thigh bag, a biker accessory with a bold futuristic style. It is designed to be worn by both men and women, thus highlighting its versatility. The main feature of this bag is its central pocket closed with a flat flap, giving the whole thing a unique style. Offering a different look from other bikers, the "Rebel Bag" is more than just an accessory, but rather a bold and distinctive style statement, inspired by the world of Mad Max. This leg bag not only offers a unique aesthetic but also the functionality needed to meet everyday needs.


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    Rebel bag, a futuristic look! Big sister in the Mad Max lineage, this thigh bag in dipped lambskin is as much for men as for women but it's not just a design! Its central pocket is closed by a flat flap which gives it this unique style and can accommodate your essentials and more. An interior zippered pocket is present for your precious CB belongings. A large, discreet zipped pocket on the back for your motorcycle papers. Its belt is of course adjustable by an adjuster at the back as is its leg strap. You can count on this model of leg bag to have a look different from all the other bikers. This product is offered blank, you can choose from our already decorated models or, on request, have it personalized with our decorations from the conchos and decorations category, in order to create a unique accessory that will suit you perfectly.