Traveler Shop, a family business that creates and manufactures the most original clothing and accessories for the biker and his motorcycle.

We are specialized in the customization of all your objects and accessories, clothing, vest, bag, satchel, saddle ...

To guarantee you irreproachable quality and complete satisfaction, we ourselves choose the best leather and materials that we work in the old way but with the latest generation tools, in order to produce unique items of high finish, which we are the alone in the world to achieve.

On the site, you will find leather badges (patches, badges, emblems) metallic decorations (rivet to strike, conchos, medals) pins, which you can put on yourself (DIY) or which we can also make by mail.

Our workshop has been located in the south of France since 1989, but to be close to you on the road to Harley Davidson festivals and gatherings, our traveling store offers all of our manufacturing and our customization and decoration service.

We want to be close to you and at your disposal to answer all your requests.

Traveller Shop, wish you an excellent visit!